Anti-icing Grate

The Icewick grate creates an anti-icing/anti-slip surface for marine and non-marine applications.

The Icewick grate surface consists of a robust grating or tiles that wick an anti-icing fluid to the icing-prone surface from a reservoir layer located beneath. Icewick is designed for use on walkways, stairs, and in work areas. The system is passive and self-regulating. Fluid can be supplied from a remote location by pump.

Download the Icewick spec sheet


  • Marine and non-marine surfaces
  • Walkways, stairs, and in work areas


  • Melt-water can be absorbed along with the diluted anti-icing fluid, rather than flowing to adjacent surfaces where it could cause other problems
  • large surface area also evaporates melt water
  • System will operate in temperatures as low as the chemical freezing-point depressant used in the system
  • Maintains anti-icing and anti-slip surfaces