IceSight 2020E
Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor

IceSight IceSight 2020-E is an elctro-optical sensor which reports the surface weather condition of roadways. IceSight will detect Ice, Snow, or Water without ever having to touch the surface it monitors. The 2020-E Model is the most basic package of the IceSight Series. This model is typically specified where multiple units are required to monitor many points on a bridge or highway, and the most economical solution required.

Easy pole-mount installation of the IceSight eliminates the need for penetrating the roadway as other surface sensors require.

IceSight's high sensitivity enable it to warn road management personnel immediately when snow or ice begins to form, allowing them to take action before roads become hazardous.

Download the IceSight-2020E spec sheet


  • Intersection Control
  • Dynamic message sign control
  • Automatic spray anti-icing
  • Traffic/weather monitoring
  • Hazardous roads/bridges
  • Aircraft runways and taxiways
  • Parking Lots


  • Remote surface sensing of ice, snow, wet, damp, and dry
  • Flush optical head assembly for easy cleaning
  • Sensor accuracy immune to passing traffic
  • Air Temperature
  • Internet compatible communications - view data from any web browser
  • Flexible data streaming - integrate with existing RWIS
  • Low power requirements - may be solar powered
  • Easy Installation
  • Rugged all-weather design